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"CORO has helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking and challenged me to explore my own leadership style. The internship was also a great opportunity for me to network." - Youth Fellow

CORO's youth programs have been training diverse groups of Bay Area middle and high school-age youth since 1998.

CORO believes in youth as leaders who can mobilize their peers to address the challenges facing public education and their communities. CORO's experiential curriculum promotes academic enrichment, life skills, workforce development, and student advocacy. We provide the training and support for youth to become civically engaged and assume leadership roles in their schools, communities, and families.



The CORO Exploring Leadership Program is a transformative youth program that trains high school students to become active and concerned citizens and assume leadership roles in their schools, communities, and families. Launched in the summer of 1998, CORO Exploring Leadership engages up to thirty-six rising 11th and 12th graders, eighteen in San Francisco and eighteen in the East Bay, who reflect the full range of diversity of Bay Area youth from their extracurricular activities, to their leadership experience, to their races, and their socioeconomic backgrounds. Through a set of CORO modules, the program increases Youth Fellows’ abilities in critical thinking, goal setting, and ultimately giving them the skills to become effective facilitators and collaborators for community change.

Focus Week

This week of activities is designed for team-building, hands-on experience with project planning, public speaking, critical thinking, and for the safe sharing of diverse viewpoints. Through intensive research and interviews, Youth Fellows will prepare and deliver a public presentation based on their findings.


During the second week of program, the Youth Fellows venture out of the city for two days on an overnight retreat of bonding, cooking, and reflection. They participate in several team-building activities to further develop their teamwork and communication skills.


Youth Fellows are placed in five-week internships for three days per week within a business, government agency, or nonprofit organization. Youth gain advanced career skills and make a meaningful contribution to host organizations by completing substantive projects. 

Seminars and Interviews

Mid-week seminars teach CORO tools and skills such as group facilitation, self-awareness, ethical fitness, fundraising, project planning, critical inquiry, and more. Youth Fellows will apply these tools and skills as they meet a diverse array of leaders within the community.  

Community Action Project

Youth Fellows serve their community by planning and executing a project that makes an impact on the focus issue that they have been investigating. This experience reinforces project planning and organizational skills, group facilitation, and their ability to use their summer learning as a basis to make informed and effective decisions.

Alumni Engagement

Upon completion of the Exploring Leadership program, quarterly seminars will be held for Exploring Leadership alumni on the college application process, scholarships, discovering how to make their passion their employment, networking, and a continuation of meeting diverse community leaders. 



CORO Youth in Action is an after school leadership training program for high school students. The program has three main goals:

1. Personal Development – Participants develop leadership skills for use in college, in their future careers, as well as everyday life

2. Team Development – Participants build a safe and comfortable classroom community that supports significant personal growth

3. School Community Development – Participants apply the leadership skills they gain in the classroom setting by stepping up into different leadership roles on campus

Youth in Action participants learn about leadership by participating in experiential activities where they can apply content to their daily activities. Workshops are individual and group focused with a community action project as a culminating assignment, which traditionally addresses the achievement gap or another priority issue impacting the school community. 

For more information, please contact Clifford Yee, Director of Youth Programs, at or 415.986.0521 x102.


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