Mia X. Castro San Francisco, CA

Mia Castro graduated Magna Cum Laude from Saint Mary’s College of California
with a degree in Sociology and as a member of the Sociology Honor Society. She
has served as a wildlife rehabilitation and animal shelter volunteer and completed
an independent study on the Animal Welfare Movement as an intern for the
Humane Society of the United States. Mia also acquired extensive knowledge of
sustainability and social justice issues as the Food Justice Coordinator for the
Catholic Institute of Lasallian Social Action and as the Operations Manager for a
small, organic-based business.

Jerry T. Chang San Francisco

Jerry Chang was a campus leader in graduate school, focused on building
community between campus entities to foster leadership development. He served
as the Vice President of Finance for the California State Student Association, a
Member of the Board of Trustees for the California State East Bay Foundation, and
President/CEO of Associated Students, California State University, East Bay, Inc.
After completing his undergraduate degree, Jerry gained several years of work
experience, including the development of strategic business plans and supply-chain
planning system management before returning to school for his master’s degree.

Adam Oriel Cohen San Francisco

Adam Cohen was selected as a student diplomat in the Olive Tree Initiative’s
summer delegation to Washington DC, New York, the Palestine territories, and
Jordan to gain a deeper understanding of the Israeli Palestinian conflict through
experiential learning and dialog. He is passionate about the public education
system and plans to pursue master’s degrees in public policy and education. Adam
was awarded highest departmental honors for his thesis titled, Access to Higher
Education: A Case Study in Assessing the Impact of the City University of New York
and California State University’s Remedial Policies.

Gregory Earnest San Francisco

Gregory Earnest graduated with honors from Occidental College, where he served
as Vice President of the Black Student Alliance and also lead Harambee, a social
and academic support group for black men on campus. He was later selected as
one of 14 students to manage the Blyth Fund, a six-figure investment portfolio
managed entirely by a board of students. Gregory has done extensive community
organizing in South and South West Los Angeles. He was a sustainability intern for
Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, where he conducted
sustainable street case studies and organized community meetings with local
residents to discuss street revitalization options.

Ezekiel Gorrocino

Ezekiel  Gorrocino Santillan moved to a small town in Tulare County at 16 without speaking any English. He was granted asylum in 2008 and transferred from a community college to U.C. Berkeley in 2011. Ezekiel is interested in immigration and education. He has worked as an intern with a nonprofit that provided low-cost immigration services to the migrant community, as a volunteer for an organization that provided services to the HIV positive community, and as a volunteer for the Frameline Film Festival. Ezekiel plans to return to school and pursue a master’s degree in public policy or public affairs.

Michaela Lee San Francisco

Michaela Lee has a passion for both domestic and international policy. While at
U.C. Davis, she pursued her dual interests in foreign policy and economic
development. She has traveled to West Africa to do field research with
international and nonprofit organizations to examine the efficiency of micro
finance institutions and women’s savings groups. She also gained foreign trade
policy experience while interning with Bryant Christie, Inc. – a company focused on
helping companies and organizations to open, access, and expand into
international markets in the agricultural, food, and beverage sectors.

Aidan Lukomnik San Francisco

Aidan Lukomnik served as a member of the executive board of the ACLU of the
Claremont Colleges and was a featured member of the ACLU of Southern California
while attending Pitzer College. Aidan has a passion for digital communications and
sexual health advocacy. He worked as a Digital Fellow for Organizing for America
New Hampshire in 2012 and was a founding member of Advocate for Youth’s “Men
on a Mission” initiative promoting healthy relationships and sexual assault
prevention. Aidan has also worked to promote sexual health and reproductive
rights in Ecuador.

Allynn McInerney San Francisco

Allynn McInerney double majored in International Relations and Dance and
minored in Latin American Studies at Connecticut College. She spent a year in
Argentina studying, traveling, and working at a political think tank. Allynn is fluent
in Spanish and worked for the Argentine Council for International Relations where
she gained experience writing, reading, translating text and audio, and
communicating with presenters and team members in Spanish. Her future goals
include going back to graduate school for public affairs and possibly becoming a
campaign manager.

Emma O'Rourke-Powell San Francisco

Emma O’Rourke-Powell spent two years working for her alma mater as a Resident
Director. In this position, she supervised student-staff members and oversaw a
residence hall of 140 students. Her passion for social justice was well-known, and
she was invited to sit on a panel about feminism that was attended by ten percent
of the entire student population. She also designed and facilitated a Safe Zone Ally
Training to provide students with skills to be a better ally. Emma’s current passion
is feminism and women in leadership.

Annabel Ortiz San Francisco

Annabel Ortiz is committed to working on social issues such as human rights, food
justice, educational inequalities, and environment sustainability. She has four
years of nonprofit work and program management experience and has worked
with SACNAS – a society of scientists focused on fostering the success of
Hispanic/Chicano and Native American scientists. Annabel’s future goals include
earning a master’s degree in public affairs from an institution abroad and looking
for opportunities to work for an international organization focusing on human
rights or environmental sustainability.

Sam Pandey San Francisco

Sam Pandey is an avid debater who honed his skills as a Commissioner for the City
of San Jose Housing Commission where he analyzed public policies and made
recommendations. As an undergraduate, he was elected to the Education Policy
Committee which led him to advocate for deferred action of immigrant students,
tenant rights, and increasing transparency for employment avenues for second
language minorities. Sam is a soldier in the US Army Reserve where he is an officer
candidate. He has served and has been stationed in Missouri, South Carolina, and

Sarah Swickard San Francisco

Sarah Swickard comes from a seven generation California cattle ranching family
and grew up on a cattle ranch building fences, irrigating fields, and gathering cattle.
While studying molecular biology at U.C. Berkeley, she interned at the Berkeley
City Council where she drafted a water emergency plan for the city, proposed a
balloon littering ban, and worked on constituent relations. She is passionate about
environmental justice and water issues and would like to pursue a career in either
the development or implementation of environmental policy after law school or
graduate school.

Anujin Altantsog

Originally from Mongolia, Anujin or Anna, has worked since she was very young, either as a babysitter or for family businesses including a restaurant, a grocery store, and a hotel. She is warm, funny, and hard-working. Anna has been involved in leadership from a young age when she became Class President, then Vice President, and finally President of her elementary school in Mongolia. She enjoys playing for the high school volleyball team and listening to music with her friends. Anna also works in her mother’s coffee shop in San Francisco.

Janice Argueta

Janice is a social, motivated, resilient, and reliable individual. She is actively involved in College Track with the hopes that she will be the first in her family to attend college. Janice is bilingual and bi-cultural, and she enjoys writing and making posters during her free time. As she learns more about herself, she has developed an interest to study criminal justice or sociology with the aspiration of becoming a lawyer.

Nikhil Bhatia-Lin

Nikhil comes to CORO with a strong academic drive, experience as a camp counselor, child caretaker, YMCA volunteer, soccer referee, and jury member in the Berkeley High School Youth Court. With Nikhil’s diverse background, he brings a competence in computer and application programing, and strong interpersonal skills. As an active student and community member, Nikhil is clearly driven, ambitious, and motivated.  Nikhil plans on pursuing a career in law to serve his community.

Tahseen Bhojani

Tahseen brings critical thinking skills, compassion, and determination to the Exploring Leadership Program. She has a passion for learning about issues like racial violence and discrimination, and she joined her high school debate team to find a platform to discuss them. Tahseen is driven to improve her community and possesses a thirst for knowledge. She has aspirations of becoming a lawyer and using her skills to advocate for policies that support LGBTQ populations and children affected by sex trafficking in developing countries.  

Ani Braude

Ani has traveled to various countries such as Canada, Spain, and Thailand which has allowed her to gain a broader world view. She is committed, responsible, and adaptable. Ani is a creative person who plays the piano, enjoys crafts, and participates in sports such as badminton. Ani has volunteered at her public library and a local pet store. She is easy to get along with and very conscientious. Ani desires to become a stronger leader in order to better her community. 

James Kevin Chan

James lives in the Ingleside District of San Francisco, and is a hyperpolyglot, speaking numerous languages from French to Japanese. He has a wide variety of interests including music, capoeira, and taekwondo; he participates in the high school band and started a taekwondo club. After graduation, he hopes to study International Relations or Public Administration in order to become a diplomat, and eventually, he hopes to become a United Nations Secretary-General. 

Kevin Chen

At school, Kevin is an active member of The Red Cross Club, and after school, he volunteers, primarily at the local library. Kevin also attended the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth for four years. During the CORO program, Kevin hopes to share his knowledge and hard work, and after high school, he is looking forward to becoming a successful doctor.

Oghenefejiro “Feji” Etibo

Born in Nigeria, Feji has experienced diverse cultures, environments, and ways of life. Although she has described this transcontinental move as challenging, Feji attributes her resilience and adaptability to overcoming this obstacle. In additional to her worldly knowledge, Feji brings experience having volunteered at a senior living facility as well as participating in Mock Trail at her high school.  She has plans to study psychology so she can learn how to help others.

Danny Fung

Danny brings optimism, confidence, and diligence to the group. These qualities are apparent through his active participation in the JROTC program, as well as his various volunteer experiences in parades, Harvest Food Bank, and the Ocean Beach clean-up. Danny has also developed cooking skills and loves writing stories, drawing, and playing video games. He hopes to attend college to study game design and visual arts in order to become a video game designer.

Yuval Gilad

Yuval has a strong commitment to his community and hopes to use what he learns at CORO to give back. He has public presentation skills and experience with computer programming and catering. Yuval is motivated, determined, and believes in community service. Yuval hopes to become an engineer to create a positive change in the world.

Necole Goodman

Necole has played basketball for over 7 years and has learned the importance of commitment. She has worked with children during her summers and has experience in an office environment. Necole knows how to play 3 instruments and has computer skills such as Photoshop. She is friendly, compassionate, and driven.  Necole believes everyone deserves justice and hopes to enter the criminal justice field.

Hai Bin He

Hai Bin was born in China and lived there for seven years before immigrating to the US. After his move, Hai Bin has been involved in his high school’s basketball team, volunteered at the local Food Bank, and actively participated in local church activities. His experiences have led him to be motivated, determined, and self-reflective. He values public speaking and hopes to build on this skill so that he will be an effective communicator in his community.

Benjamin Hung

Benjamin was born in San Francisco but lived in Taiwan for approximately five years before returning to San Francisco at the start of 7th grade. He enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, and playing video games. Benjamin has been involved with his school’s JROTC and can be seen as patient, persistent, and eager to learn. He hopes to be more active in his community and his surroundings, and to eventually pursue the field of medicine or science.

Tamara Jones

Tamara has a strong desire to become a positive leader in her community. She is resilient, determined, and ambitious. Tamara has computer skills and experience in landscaping, childcare, and as a cashier in a restaurant. She enjoys cooking, reading, and runs track for her school. Tamara’s future dreams include becoming a lawyer.

Emily King

Emily resided in Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangalore, and California by the time she was 13 years old. This experience has helped her become ambitious and passionate about helping others, which led her to co-found an educational nonprofit, Race2Educate, in 2011. She is also active in her school’s tennis team, National English Honors Society, and her church’s youth group. She aspires to attend Oxford University and has an interest in a diverse list of studies.

Tiffany Liu

Tiffany loves to read, bake, and sing. At school, she acted in a production of Guys and Dolls, and she was a member of the wrestling team, before she found a new passion for filming by becoming the wrestling team videographer. Tiffany wants to study psychology in college to understand how the human mind works and why people do what they do. In the future, she wants to work in film because she loves working behind the camera.

Jefflyn Liu

Jefflyn is compassionate and resilient and understands the importance of helping others. She is also very active in her school and has participated in her school’s Student Government, Drum Corps, Dragonboat team, and Yearbook Club. During her free time, she enjoys food photography, exercising, and watching the news. She strives to one day help create many nonprofit organizations, and she hopes to attend college to study entrepreneurship.

Alejandra Mendez-Ruiz

Alejandra loves reading books, writing poetry, and helping in her community. She has been a youth worker at Mission Girls and the Precita Center and is a youth leader in POWER (People Organizing Project) and YMAC (Youth Making a Change) at Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth. She recently moved from Oakland to the outer Mission District in San Francisco and looks forward to bringing her awareness of social and economic justice issues to the cohort. Alejandra aspires to be either an immigration, family, juvenile, or labor lawyer.

Myah Overstreet

Myah lives in the Oakland Hills with her family. Outside school she has interned with The Allen Group, which serves the engineering and construction industry, and has participated in a five week home-stay program in Mexico. Myah has a variety of passions, from poverty and homelessness to writing and theater, and is looking forwarding to directing West Side Story musical at her school next year. After high school, Myah is looking forward to building on her skills to become a film director or a writer.

Grace Pang

Grace brings an impressive background of volunteering to the group having worked as a youth supervisor, assisted with Oakland’s holiday gift drive, and volunteered in a variety of community service activities. She also carries a dynamic skillset of First Aid training, performing arts production experience, and conflict mediation training. Grace’s experience demonstrates resilience, independence, and a strong work ethic. She has aspirations of being a performer on Broadway on day, as well as working to improve her community.

Pamela Patino

Pamela is extremely caring and nurturing to those around her. Her hobbies include baking, hiking, biking, and volunteering. She has skills in web design and knowledge in CSS/HTML. Pamela is adaptable and highly motived. She is interested in the medical or business field. Pamela hopes to use her leadership skills to inspire the next generation and support them to reach their full potential.

Franchesca Dion Quisao

Franchesca is vibrant, determined, and creative. She enjoys an array of activities such as martial arts, reading books, and doing volunteer work. Franchesca participates in her school’s swim team and cheer squad and has experience with web design. She is energetic, self-motivated, and adaptable. Franchesca hopes to make a difference with her leadership skill to decrease the unemployment rate and support underdeveloped communities locally and internationally.

Sherrie Saechao

Sherrie is active in martial arts, dance, and acting. She has been an actress in a film, modeled, and plays volleyball. Sherrie carries with her a positive attitude, nurturing care, and an attentive eye. Sherrie has a passion for justice and hopes to enter the field of law or work on campaigns addressing domestic violence. 

Oralia Saenz

Oralia is a compassionate, conscientious, and ambitious young woman. She is passionate about animals and hopes to become a veterinarian as well as open animal clinics in low-income neighborhoods. Oralia’s drive to serve those in need can be seen in her past experiences as a peer safe-sex educator with Familias Unidas as well as volunteering with her church youth group. Oralia exhibits leadership skills already, and she hopes to foster this skillset with the Exploring Leadership Program.

Nathan Sanchez

Nathan has taken on youth leadership roles in his church community, from teaching courses and coordinating events to travelling to El Salvador to help build a school. He attends the Information Technology Academy at his high school and as a result, possesses a lot of computer skills including coding. Nathan is also a good communicator, a team player, and organized. He plans to study political science in college so that he can better serve his community through public service.

Jullina Tumang

Jullina embodies thoughtfulness, dedication, and a strong work ethic. In addition to participating in both swimming and tennis, Jullina has spent her time working in a creamery, volunteering in a soup kitchen, and tutoring elementary school students in the East Bay. With her experiences, Jullina brings creativity, conscientiousness, and a strong commitment to helping others. After high school, she plans to study medicine or entrepreneurship.

Kevin Wong

Kevin comes from a driven and compassionate family that has helped him grow into a well-rounded person. He has skills in creative writing, video production, and is an avid basketball player. Kevin is goal-oriented, observant, and fierce in the face of competition. He hopes to be the CEO of his own company one day and looks forward to his journey there. 

Hillari Wu

Hillari is involved with numerous school clubs such as UNICEF, Interact, and Indo Pak. She has experience in childcare and participates in badminton and volleyball. Through these activities, she has learned to be hardworking, responsible, and passionate about her own personal development. Hillari hopes to gain leadership skills to give back to her community and one day enter the medical field. 

Santiago Xonthe

Santiago is passionate about peer counseling and community organizing and is active in visual and performing arts activities at school. He is a Youth Advocate for New ERA (New Economics Rights for All) with the Mission SF Federal Credit Union, where he displays his devotion to lessening predatory lending practices. Santiago has worked for both Xanath Ice Cream and Vanilla Saffron Imports in the Mission District where he lives with his family. Santiago is interested in pursuing a career in teaching or counseling.