How Coro Works


All CORO program participants learn by doing. Guided by one of our experienced program faculty, participants actively engage with their colleagues to disrupt old patterns and make way for new ways of thinking, building new skills, and developing new behaviors. CORO participants analyze issues, collaborate, and give and receive feedback, and experiment with new ways of interacting. They discuss, present, role-play and complete significant projects while reflecting on their learning.

While CORO programs vary in length and duration, they share common features:

  • Highly interactive, small-group seminars
  • Activities that sharpen self-awareness, analysis, and communications skills
  • Assessments for leadership competencies and styles
  • Access to senior leaders for in-depth interviews and learning
  • Opportunities to develop relationships and build networks
  • Group projects
  • Experienced faculty members
  • Post-program Coro Alumni events and opportunities

CORO relies on five core elements that shape our training and methodology across all programs and client work. These core elements include:

  • Proximity
  • Access/Exposure
  • Time
  • Practice/Application
  • Trust