My Coro Story

Larry Simi

Coro Board of Directors

It has been my honor and pleasure to be involved with Coro, on and off, since the 1970's. I have served as Coro Field Faculty, I have been the spouse of a Fellow in the Fellows in Public Affairs program, I have served as a Selection Day Judge, a parent of an Exploring Leadership Youth Fellow, and now, as a member of the Board of Directors.

I continue to stay involved because Coro, quite simply, manufactures top leaders. Our brand of experiential training that Fellows, Exploring Leadership students, and Partnership Program participants are exposed to is truly unique. Those lucky enough to participate are pushed, stretched, and challenged beyond measure to reach their true potential — and most of them do.

There is nothing quite so moving as seeing a seventeen-year-old Exploring Leadership Youth Fellow stand up in front of a thousand community leaders and deliver a first class speech, with no visible fear or trepidation. It is made ever the more special when you remember that same person from Selection Day a year before, when it was almost unimaginable that she could ever achieve such excellence.

I have watched the Coro Fellows in Public Affairs as they have asked the toughest of questions of legislators and big city school superintendents, and then not let them off with sound bite responses. This is signature Coro.

Given the pressing need for effective leadership across the board, we need more people who know how to listen, engage with others, and how to see the big picture, as Coro encourages us to do.