Who We Are

CORO is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization focused on redefining leadership. With substantive programs for youth, recent college graduates, and professionals, we cultivate emergent leaders at all stages of their lives and careers. CORO builds leaders who know when to step up and when to step back – taking ownership, sharing responsibility, and collaborating with others to ignite change in their communities and workplaces.

In an increasingly complex world, CORO program participants are passionate catalysts for change. We take an innovative hands-on approach towards developing leadership skills through experiential learning, group interaction, and collaborative communication. CORO programs are comprehensive and transformative, giving participants life-long skills as well as an extensive network of alumni, supporters, and partners. CORO graduates are successful leaders in all sectors including business, government, nonprofits, politics, and education.

CORO programs serve diverse communities and empower participants to apply their skills, character, and commitment to leading today and shaping tomorrow. Communities benefit directly from our on the ground presence and participation, as well as into the future with each new leader who graduates from a CORO program.

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